Starchi: Product Overview


Tamagotchi-inspired GameFi saga for the PlayToEarn generation

If you grew up in the 1990s, you will remember the iconic Tamagotchi, the pocket-sized electronic games where you could take care of a small animal by feeding it, making it sleep, etc. It was a huge success, especially in the first five years after its launch, as evidenced by more than 82 million copies sold worldwide. More than a dozen themed video games, manga, anime and board games have been released, and in Japan, it has been made into a TV series. The boom in Tamagotchi use among children around the world showed that they were the forerunners of a new game mode, the first major handheld product with a life or death simulation of pets. Thanks to the development of today’s technology, the entertainment model developed by the Tamagotchi has evolved and opened up new avenues to the use of blockchain, a radical step that overturns the foundations on which these game models are based, transforming them into P2E. Starchi is a Tamagotchi-inspired GameFi Saga for the PlayToEarn generation. Its story is very similar to the egg games of the 1990s.

Game Story

Darkness has spread across the planet, invisible to all but a species of never before seen creatures, called Starchi. In the beginning, most humans despise the Starchi, until one day when a group of children approach a Starchi and try to find a way to befriend it. As they are gently approached and lovingly fed by the children, they slowly build a bond with the humans, who learn about the evolution of the Starchi, and how to breed and take care of them.

Various small fighting leagues started springing up everywhere, and the Starchi became the heroes of the league. The Starchi finally brought some optimism back to the planet and hope was born again.


Collectors grow Starchis from hatched eggs into toddlers, through to adulthood. Starchi Collectors are responsible for acquiring and nurturing their Starchi, preventing them from extinction, and preparing them for battle.

The first approach to the game starts with collectors who acquire Starchis by purchasing them in various stages from the local marketplace.

-Freshly-minted Starchi eggs

-Toddler, teenager, and adult — Starchis listed for sale by their collectors

-Neglected Starchis — (those not well taken care of) are listed for adoption

Starchis and Elements

Each Starchi possesses unique attributes and stats indicating its current state. A Starchi can possess one or more elements with a power ratio from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest).

Elements dictate attack vectors during battles.

-Stats: HP (Hit Points), Energy, Exercise, and Hygiene

-Elements: Neutral, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Animal, Poison, Undead, and Lightning

Game features and strategies will be applied to embrace all kinds of users.

-Hatch, Nurture and Earn

Growing Starchis can be a very fun task! There is even a reward for responsible Starchi Collectors who raise their Starchis with lots of love and care

-Join Friendly Battles

Any Starchi Collector can create a battle arena for a low fee and decide which Starchi from their collection will attend the battle. Winners collect the majority of the fee plus earnings in reward tokens

-Climb the Leaderboards

Various analytics are tracked to help identify top Starchi Collectors and their Starchis. Those higher in rank can earn more wages.


Total supply: 100,000,000

Starchi will run on a dual-token economy. The first token will be used to trade Starchis, while the second will give economic incentives in-game.

-$START — The token utilized by their incubator launchpad (Starter) to allow entry to the game and to buy Starchi

-$ELIXIR Starchi Liquid Luck — The magical mix that makes the Collector wealthier for some time (while in possession of the ELIXIR)

The built-in Play to Earn model combined with a fair set of fee redistribution rules allows Starchi Collectors to compound their earnings in the game.

The tokenomics provide a Play to Earn allocation of 20,000,000 ELIXIR for in-game rewards.

  • Earn START arena fees & ELIXIR by winning battles
  • Earn ELIXIR in future contests & tournaments
  • Earn START & ELIXIR with staking income
  • Earn ELIXIR by topping leaderboards, such as Most Active Collector, Longest Starchi holder, and more


Staking Income

As described in the tokenomics, you will be able to stake your tokens or create LPs to provide liquidity. Several core Staking Income Pools exist to compensate Collectors for their hard work.

-Stake $START to earn rewards

-Stake $MATIC/$START and $MATIC/$ELIXIR LP to earn rewards
-Stake in one of two modes: VESTED or LIQUID
— LIQUID — rewards subject to a 2.5% burn & no vesting

- VESTED — rewards are 2x LIQUID & subject to vesting
- Earned rewards can be claimed as vesting $START or as

liquid $ELIXIR in-game tokens



Starchi is the first DeFi game incubated by STARTER, one of the most renowned launchpads on the crypto scene and has been awarded a grant from the Polygon Foundation. Integration with Polygon will offer Starchi full-stack scaling tools, fast transactions and low fees via smart contracts that are fully audited and secure on-chain, which will support Starchi in the incorporation of all future developments made on its network. The purpose of the game is to remind collectors of human values that are being forgotten over time. Inspired by the exciting Tamagotchi model, the integration of blockchain and supported by the play-to-earn idea developed by the team, Starchi has all the potential to be one of the most widely used P2E games.








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