Privi — Decentralized Social Finance Platform: Product Overview




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Decentralized Advertising

If a user selects the option of “Open to Advertising” on the platform then the user will start sharing their own data within the blockchain. After opting for it the user will start seeing advertisements in communities, pods, and pools. The user will be paid directly by the advertiser for each advertisement viewed by the user.

Insurance Pools

Trust Score and Endorsement scores


As they aim to build multiple apps on the Privi blockchain there will be enough room for creators and communities to earn and enjoy content together. Privi metaverse will include everything such as listening, watching, meeting people, going to events, making payments, etc. Privi will launch 3D worlds for users to showcase their NFTs. Privi already has 500+ creators (most non-crypto). Privi is also focusing heavily on TikTok marketing campaigns once the product is live.

Hyperledger Fabric

Transactions on Ethereum and Bitcoin networks can take hours to process during times of great network congestion. Hyperledger Fabric is the perfect technology to deal with these problems because transactions are costless, and the average transaction speed is around just 5 seconds. Moreover, its modular architecture helps to easily scale and adjust this throughput with network growth. The system is compatible and interactive with any other blockchain and this can be achieved through the hybrid bridge that makes use of Hash-Time locked Contracts (HTLC) to securely allow atomic swaps between any blockchains. The idea of this blockchain agnostic bridge is that funds on any 2 blockchains are locked on escrow accounts for a certain amount of time. After ensuring that both parties have locked the funds, a random key is generated and encrypted, which is then provided to both counterparties which have a period of time to use it to claim the locked funds. If after that time no claim is made, the funds are refunded to the original party.

This agnostic bridge is optimally implemented, particularly powering atomic swaps between Privi blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) and other blockchains (for example Ethereum) in a completely secure fashion. Moreover, this delegates the power of the funds to the users, obviating a central intermediary in the exchange of funds between blockchains.

A comparison between Bitclout and Privi

Everything included within Bitclout is included in the Privi ecosystem along with some more features. Privi has more use-cases which include governance, data monetization, NFTs, and asset streaming. Privi does not aim to become the next Twitter as it is not only offering a social network but also an ecosystem that can help users stake, govern and create content that will change the way the market works. It comes along with evaluating the worthiness of a particular user with trust and endorsement scores. It helps users to explore different communities and vote on the contents displayed on them. It will allow users to send tokens within the network.

It gives back the right to users on whether they want to share their data. Users also can earn while sharing data. You can also ensure your assets and investments within the network through insurance pools. Loans are provided to users through credit pools. Anyone can invest in funds created by other users within the ecosystem. All these go show that Privi has created a one-stop for all the needs. Privi has just entered the arena and it is already way ahead of all the competition in the Web 3.0 space.


Fundraise Target




Fully diluted valuation


Total Supply (tokens)


Total Price TGE Unlock Vesting Monthly

Seed $200,000 $0.065 12 months

Strategic Sale $450,000 $0.095 12 months

Ecosystem Partners $600,000 $0.095 12 months

Private sale $600,000 $0.12 12 months

Long term partners $1,600,000 $0.14 6 mo cliff/12

Public Launchpad $200,000 $0.20

Allocation and Release Plan


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