Today we are going to talk about another use and application of NFTs in everyday life. The use of blockchain is proving to be a model with infinite fields of application and is doing so much faster than previously thought. The HUSL is an NFTs platform built for fans to interact with their favourite celebrities in a meaningful way. The HUSL App allows musicians to create, curate and sell NFT collectables directly to their fans using a high-level platform with an appealing design and an intuitive user interface. ERC-721 smart contracts enable verifiable revenues and royalties payable immediately to the artist’s wallets, contributors, producers and copyright holders. All information is freely accessible and verifiable by anyone on an immutable ledger recorded securely to the HUSL blockchain.

NFTs by design use the blockchain to ensure trust and transparency to determine if it is legit on a marketplace, check the source to see where it was deployed.

As far as HUSL NFTs, not only will they of course be legitimate but many will come with experiences in a lifetime. The opportunity to meet your favourite celebrity at an exclusive mansion party for you and your friends, private tours of recording studios, meet and greets, are just some of the opportunities they can offer.


-DeFi Art

-NFT Marketplace For Musicians

-Attractive visuals

-An equal playing field for every artist and band

-User-determined rankings, more opportunities for lesser-known authors

Why The HUSL? How does It work?

Music artists are not fully paid for their work. 88% of music revenues go to non-artists. Once everyone gets their share, the artist himself is left with very little. If you look at traditional apps like Spotify and Apple Music, they pay artists very low per stream and take all the profit. Thanks to Blockchain and NFTs, artists can take back control and truly monetise their value. A technology that can now allow them to interact with who they want when they want and sell what they want without worrying about being ‘used’. It is only a matter of time for these artists to understand what is empowering for them. Inspire artists to create and distribute their best work by combining music and digital art with decentralized finance, in this way fans can empower their favourite artists, owning the music and participating in unique moments in history. An NFT marketplace built by musicians for musicians, the digital music revolution is upon us. Through a very intuitive platform, users will be able to view, listen to and become the owner of a track (NFT), thus having the opportunity to have direct contact with their favourite artist, or even invest in an emerging artist who in turn felt free to share their music within a decentralized service. The HUSL is a meeting place for fans and artists. That must be the concept, that’s basically why music moves! In addition, it will be possible to get unique content that the artists themselves decide to share with their fans.

The ERC — 721 smart contracts enable verifiable revenues and royalties to be paid immediately to the wallets of the artists, collaborators, producers, and copyright holders. All information is accessible and verifiable by anyone on an immutable ledger securely recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain.


Total Supply: — 100.000.000 — Token ERC-20

The HUSL token is what will be used to power the platform. There are many ways to give it utility, but from day one, holders will be able to stake the token on the platform to generate rewards. This token is then used to redeem some cool stuff. NFT music, merch, unique experiences. The more you stake, the more cool stuff you can redeem for free. Also, a lottery system will be introduced, a way to make the experience more fun and exciting for everyone. The HUSL token will also be used to purchase and sell digital art within the marketplace. And last but not least, holders will have the right to vote to participate in the development of the platform and give everyone the chance to grow and build together.

-Testnet marketplace video:





Inspire artists to create and distribute their best work by combining Music & Digital Art with decentralized finance. We believe that fans should empower their favourite artists by

owning music and participating in unique moments in history. Our NFT market is built by musicians for musicians.

Varun Bajaj-Chief Executive Officer-

Defi | NFT Advisor with over 8+ years as a Real Estate Attorney. Cryptocurrency OG since 2013. Humble DEFI farmers searching for the best yields across all blockchain ecosystems since 2020.

Sapphire Adizes-Acquisitions/Content/Production-

Award-winning saxophonist, composer, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Garnered 150+ million plays on Spotify and 40+ million views on YouTube for his musical performances, productions, and compositions. Owner & operator of world-class recording studio & multi-facility complex that houses & rents to A-list artists/producers. Produced for and collaborated with best selling artists & major labels across multiple genres/markets.

Carrie Miller- E-Comm/E-Mktg/PM Systems

CDO/Virtual/Online Business Manager — Carrie has an MBA in marketing along with a 20+ years career in the entertainment industry, event planning and creating fully integrated online business platforms/stacks using e-commerce and e-marketing systems for fiat and crypto.

Jason Hernandez — Chief Marketing Officer

20+ years as a Vice President in the financial industry-leading teams focused on business development, wealth management, customer experience, and performance growth. An extensive network of influencers, music artists, and financial professionals. Change Management Certification. Participated in multiple Six Sigma projects.

Matthew Schellhas Co-Founder: Head of Liquidity Provision & EconoMetrics

Commodity Trader For An NFA IB. Institutional Rep For Alternative Investment BD. Passed Requisite Exams I-III for Chartered Market Technician(CMT) Designation. Served As Chief Risk Analyst For Digital Currency Market-Maker.

Vilen Rodeski, UX Designer

Designer Entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience building products and leading teams. Currently a Senior UX Designer at PayPal. Previously co-founded, Director of Design at SmugMug.

Kevin Wright-Developer

Full-Stack Developer & Digital Currency Markets Veteran. Python, Solidity, smart contracts, oracles NodeJS, Assembly etc.

Chris Martinez -Developer

Application Architect at Accenture working on an automation platform and client integrations. Principal Architect and Developer at System9 working on the automated trading platform. Fan of Hip Hop Music.

Artist & Advisors

Yung Bleu -Artist -

Named an artist to watch in 2021, by People, Billboard and More, Yung Bleu has become fast evolving into a Powerhouse in the Hip Hop Industry.

Busta Rhymes-Artist-

11 Time Grammy Award Nominated rapper, songwriter and producer.

Hailed by many to be one the greatest MCs of our time. Has produced 10 studio albums and is a hip hop icon known throughout the world.

Mike Miglio- Advisor

CEO at Bridge Mutual. Managing Partner at Wolfe Miglio, a leading Crypto & Securities Law Firm. Counsel to dozens of well-known Cryptocurrency projects, including Akropolis, Certik, Kinesis, NOIA, QTUM, FABRK,, and others; Broad network of influencers, tech specialists, financial professionals, investors, and blockchain-related service companies; J.D. from Indiana University.

Steve Rifkind-Record Exec

Founder and chairman of Loud Records and SRC Records. He is associated with artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Akon, David Banner, Asher Roth, DMX, and many others. According to XXL magazine, he is “responsible for breaking in some of hip-hop’s biggest artists in his 25 years in the business.

Alex Rifkind -Record Exec

Current Label Owner of Chosen Music. It is an independent Record label with an official partnership with Atlantic Records.

Ichak Adizes- Advisor

Dr. Adizes is the founder and CEO of the Adizes Institute, an international change management company based in Santa Barbara, California, that delivers the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation to clients in the public and private sectors. In addition to advising prime ministers and cabinet-level officers across the world, over the last 40 years, Dr. Adizes has administered the Adizes program to a wide variety of companies ranging from startups to members of the Fortune 500.


The NFT ecosystem offers unique solutions to many of the problems in today’s music industry. The biggest problem is that there are too many middlemen between artists and their audience. The HUSL allows fans to directly buy songs from their favourite artists and then directly support the artist by creating a bridge between them. At this point, The HUSL aims to create solutions to the music industry’s problems. With The HUSL’s decentralized platform, artists can match their music or albums to a limited number of NFTs, and only fans who buy in advance can get them. In addition, artists can offer NFTs and various other possibilities that can be a special souvenir for their fans. HUSL achieves all this while being a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, unlike many decentralized DeFi applications.






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