Halvings Capital x TrustFi: Product Overview

“Market liquidity” is a term you will hear all day if you spend considerable time inside spheres of economic and investment discussion. Whether we’re talking about traditional forms of currency such as gold and the U.S. dollar or newly emergent cryptocurrencies, liquidity is one of the most important features to understand. To be liquid, in the literal sense, is to be flowing and form-taking. Water’s properties, for example, allows it to easily fit inside any container willing to hold it. To bestow the term “liquidity” upon a currency means to describe it as “free-flowing”. If a crypto coin is widely accepted on many platforms and can be exchanged for many other forms of currency, it’s likely that this coin is deemed valuable by the market at large. That means the coin is capable of being sold or converted with relative ease and without much loss of value. But how do brand-new unknown cryptocurrency startups achieve recognition?

TrustFi is a decentralized BaaS (Backend as a Service) solution that is committed to establishing a platform that brings together all the pieces of DeFi infrastructure to unlock its full potential. By centering its focus around the liquidity of on-chain assets, and being based on the PLM (Providing Liquidity Mining) model, TrustFi can connect DeFi community governors, on-chain liquidity suppliers and investors, crypto startups, and infrastructure operators on just one platform.

As it was built with support for multichain in mind, TrustFi’s BaaS Ecosystem will be integrated into Ethereum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polkadot, Near, Solana, and others blockchains. This expansion will certainly provide widespread exposure for the new up-and-coming platform. Its flexibility and utility will prove to be what allows it to shine.

The TrustFi team recognizes that we are currently in the early stages of “Web 3.0”, or what you may refer to as the “next stage in the evolutionary process of the internet.” The largest proponent of this evolution is the emergence of AI-driven services, decentralized technology such as blockchain, and edge computing infrastructure. It only makes sense to tackle the problems faced by startups entering this sphere by attempting to simplify the development of these groundbreaking technologies. They believe that TrustFi’s solutions will act as a supplement for emergent DeFi infrastructure, with a focus on providing liquidity management, community activities, and DAO governance.

One of the largest barriers to entry for ambitious blockchain-cryptocurrency startups is their ability to achieve a level of liquidity sufficient to be profitable on decentralized exchanges and other AMM-based platforms. TrustFi wills enable project owners to conduct pre-listing liquidity auctions more easily and securely. Acting as a community-driven incubator, their general IDO protocol would allow development teams to raise funds at a fixed swap rate for their native tokens. Users will also contribute towards network stability and governance while earning rewards and NFTs through decentralized staking contracts. Bridging the gaps for the development of startups will allow even more cream to rise to the top.

Let’s talk tokens. TrustFi’s native utility token is known as TFI. Initially a market cap of about $250,000 and a total supply of 100,000,000, TFI surely has the potential for big-time growth. It is about as multifunctional as one could hope. Earning rewards while staking to participate in community governance, minting NFTs, obtaining priority auction right in the auctioning of selected high-quality assets, and earning rewards while providing liquidity. TFI holders also own insurance rights and interests against loss of income/market risk. 6.5% of all TFI will be contributed towards the Ecological Fund, wherein the TrustFi Ecosystem Council will determine how best to use this fund for strategic investment with the supervision of the community.

TrustFi’s team is confident that they have a winning formula for success. Lead by former Google engineer Evan Lin and promoted by other influential names in the crypto space, the project has successfully attracted the investment of an impressive list of venture capital groups. Insignius Capital, Carnegie Capital, Wealth Ventures, Fairum Ventures, Space Capital to name some. What’s more impressive is that they haven’t even begun to market themselves much at all yet. The enthusiasm for this project is quite evident and it is assuredly one to keep an eye on.



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