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Welcome to the Real Vox Populi


Fake news and misinformation is a major problem of the modern, connected world. Although various forms of propaganda have been around for ages, digital fake news is becoming a major threat, partly due to the ease of creating, diffusing, and consuming content.

False or misleading stories can be easily created and diffused via the global online networks in a matter of a few clicks. Fake stories become part of the personalized, endless feeds that people consume daily. And what makes the problem worse is that a significant percentage of social media users tend to consume content easily and share mechanically without the required critical thinking. What makes Fake News an extremely hard problem to solve is the difficulty in identifying, tracking, and controlling unreliable content. A good solution would require advanced digital technologies and protocols for assessing content. It is also very difficult to raise awareness about the problem among social media users, as this would take time and it would require a huge amount of resources.

The idea of a decentralized solution comes from the many adversities that the centralized social media model is facing, the chance to support for example the comments of a large number of users, and moderate them, is almost impossible. The idea instead is to have a new standard that allows dividing these areas, and the standard will not belong to a single organization. It’s very difficult for centralized enforcement of global policies to combat abuse and fake news in the long term to scale without putting too much pressure on the people working to maintain these standards. Censorship, fake news, fact manipulation, free speech suppression, and other malpractices of journalism are becoming the norm. The fundamental prerequisite of a conscientious society is the right and access to information. It is crucial to keep the public informed, the elected officials in check, and the status quo in balance. However, over the last years, the trust in our news sources and institutions altogether is falling lower and lower. This is not how a society should function. Thanks to blockchain technology we have the opportunity to innovate and decentralize information, and the ANOMUS team is leading the way in this field. ANOMUS is a 100% decentralized news protocol providing the world access to fairly distributed news, in this platform the right to publish and the right to free speech come first.

How it works

Anomus is not just another project built on top of new technology, but it is a new concept that will forever change the way we approach information.

Anomus is a project that aims to revolutionize journalism and news report from the subordination of governments, lobbies, and corporations that seek to manipulate the flow of information to their advantage. Using Blockchain and NFT technology, Anomus will give anyone who follows the “Anomus Principles” the instruments that will allow them to permanently preserve their work for the entire world and generations in the future, forever. Anomus offers a simple and smart solution, it provides a community-driven verification method that rewards authentic creators who report unbiased facts and punishes plagiarism and spammers of false information.

Anomus provides a clear mechanism for encouraging and incentivizing the creation of fact-based information, rewarding authors who report unbiased facts, and punishing those who do not.

Roles within the ANOMUS ecosystem

-Authors with established reputations will be required to stake less with each new article, as long as they maintain their reputation as honest authors who abide by Anomus principles. Fact-checkers will scour the system for recent articles to evaluate and illuminate, reviewing the article for facts and authenticity, adding a layer of validation to the author’s trustworthiness, and giving the community a chance to participate.

-Authors who plagiarize or attempt to disseminate false/biased information will stand to lose the amounts they stakes, and if such authors persist in their actions, they will not be able to do that their stake required per article will increase with each information that violates the Anomus principles.

-Readers are the fundamental entity in the system, they can choose to interact with the content, upvote, and share it, readers are free to interpret it as they prefer. Each article published on the ANOMUS platform can be enriched by users and industry experts by providing suggestions and different points of view by linking them with other articles already published.

-Fact-checkers and annotators will have the opportunity to build a reputation and earn ANOMUS tokens for their efforts to make the platform more informative, balanced, and well-structured by scouring the platform to find and report fake news, unsupported claims and challenge content producers

Fundamental elements


“The power will always lie within the Vox Populi” Governance allows ANOMUS holders to make decisions on platform developments and change choices

-Open for all

The news and content platform is created to serve as a distributed platform giving every individual or entity a right to participate within the ecosystem as a publisher, consumer, validator, or any other way irrespective of political or religious leniency, ethnicity, nationality, and gender.

-Fake news resistant

By adopting the “carrot and stick” method, a publisher will have to put more and more tokens in staking if it is identified as a fake news producer and will also risk total confiscation of the tokens in stakes. In case of the reputation increases, he will have the advantage to publish with less staked tokens.

-NFT-backed ownership.

Every content piece on the protocol will be backed by an NFT token giving it authenticity and a certificate of ownership. With ANOMUS original thoughts can be owned and traced back to their discoverers.

-Anonymous by choice.

every publisher, fact-checker, reader, and user on the platform will have the option to select an alias, nickname, or come forth under his/her birth name to attract followers and leverage their reputation.


Total Supply:

The native ANOMUS token will facilitate shared community ownership of the platform and ensure a diverse, multifaceted governance system that will reward contributing members and directly shape protocol development.

Publishers (authors)

-Will be required to stake tokens to publish content
-Reimbursed via ANOMUS token by community donations
-Earn tokens by participating in author incentive programs

Readers (content consumers)

-Reward publishers by donating tokens for their content
-Earn tokens for reading and engaging with published pieces

Auditors (fact-checkers)

-Stake tokens to start operating as an auditor
-Earn ANOMUS and reputation for fact-checking published pieces
-Flag fake news (ANOMUS stake required)
-Suggest content edits and arbitrage community disputes


-Protocol development proposal funding
-Soft initiative funding (community engagement, marketing)
-Governance and community voting on proposals
-Staking and farming



CEO — Justin

Over 10 years of experience working with IT enterprises & startups. Blockchain maximalist with a keen interest in innovative technology.

CBDO — Tom

Highly interested in blockchain application to innovative FinTech projects. Experienced in leading Startups and expert at Project Management. Successfully developed and advised multiple Crypto companies.

CMO — Gytis

Obsessed with DeFi, Flash loans, MEV, and the blockchain economy. Marketing and communications specialist with 5+ years of experience in working remotely as well as leading teams.

TECHLEAD — Glarius

Skilled IT industry professional with 5 years of Blockchain services development experience. Successful numerous IT projects ratio. Member of Ethereum network.


A marketing specialist, currently holding positions as Partner at Blockpact Capital, Head of Communications at Razor Network, and Consultant at various other blockchain startups.

ADVISOR — Andrew

Founder of Creative director at PlayBox Studio. 8 years of experience in project management and SAAS development.



We were immediately impressed by this project and the underlying idea.

However, a decentralized news reporting platform is not a new concept. Forums offer a similar service, but they are still corruptible and there is no large unchecked distribution of fake news. Anomus takes the positive side of decentralization and combines it with those of blockchain to provide the world with a unique service based on three fundamental principles


Anomus is a project created by enthusiasts who believe in a world with no censorship, in any form whatsoever. The platform is in development with the greater end goal to become a community-driven ecosystem through DAO governance, from the first discussion and the first line of code, the vision for ANOMUS was to be distributed and then gradually moved into the hands of the community and authors.

We are excited about this Project and this Team, and will support them in creating a healthy network in line with their idea of “Decentralized Global Information”.







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